Assistance is better than Embarrassment

There have always been instances when we hesitate to take help. We often think that why should we take assistance of others when we can try it out ourselves right? Sometimes we even drop the idea to do a thing just because we don’t want to take help of others.

But do you think we should stay aloof from taking help? Well, I always used to think that I don’t need help or assistance. But I would like to share an instance here that has changed my perspective totally.

I go to Delhi after every three or four months for my eye check-up. I am a patient of severe Glaucoma and I have 25% vision left in my left eye and there is no vision in my right eye. I go there to keep a check on further deterioration. During one of my visits, I was entering the metro station with my father. The moment we forked for going for checking, He went towards the men area and I went to the women area. Further, I moved towards the machine where we touch our token so as to get through. I touched my token on the screen and I observed that the layout was quite different. I was exploring touching and it took one minute or so. Just then, one of the policemen standing therein shouted at me in an indecent manner. It was really rude and of course embarrassing. In the meantime, one of the ladies standing in the queue behind me held my hand and touched the area where the token was to be touched. I moved further and at that time, I thought of telling the policeman that I am visually challenged. But just then another thought crossed my mind. I realised that it was my mistake. I would have told the staff therein to assist me through. I wear specs and it is not really possible for another individual to make out that I am visually challenged. My confidence level is good and I talk to people with utmost confidence. But I can’t recognize people or see people at a distance. Things get blurry for me when there is crowd.

It was the day when I took a decision. I decided to take help and assistance whenever I need it. It is okay to rely on others when there is a need. Even I help people in computers and many other things. It is absolutely alright. That was the day and today is the day; I never hesitated to take help. Whenever I go to metro station, I simply tell the metro staff therein that I need some assistance as I am visually challenged. It is not just about traveling; otherwise too, if things are out of my hand, I readily take assistance. Life is really easy and smooth when you take Assistance of people.

The bottom line is that everyone should take assistance when there is no other option left. If you can do something, it is good. But if you feel that you can’t, it is okay to ask for help. After all, life is all about mutual helps and assistances. Assistance is always better than embarrassment.

Feel free to share your views readers. And yes, never hesitate to take help.

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