Do We Need to Bother? No!


In this piece of note, I am sharing an incidence which, perhaps, most of visually challenged people have experienced in their lives. In this era of ruthlessness and coldness, people have started showing their real colors. They hardly bother about other people and their comfort.

Last year I went to a place where I met a lady who belonged to the category of well educated, well repetitive and elite class. Earlier I used to have high regard for her but this meeting turned my entire views about her. Well, I went there with my cousins.  We were waiting for her in the living room and soon she came. She very politely greets both my cousins. I was sitting amidst the two. She first talked to the first cousin and his welfare. Then she without even noticing me shifted to the other cousin sitting next to me and had a brief talk with her. During this entire scenario, she didn’t even try to have a word with me. After a sitting of 20 minutes, she left. This incidence was not new for me but yes, this time it pierced me for short time as I didn’t expected this from a well-educated person. After returning from there, I had a word about it with my visually impaired friends. And it was no shock to them as they too had faced similar instances. This was something that colored me with the impression that most of the people today are chips of same pack. I am not sure they do it to belittle us or they are simply jealous that we, the visually challenged people, despite our odds are taking steps towards our goals.

Through this piece of article, I would like to convey the message that the so called normal people should understand that by doing such menial deeds, they are scaling down their personality not ours. I agree that we, the visually challenged people, get upset when such incidents occur but eventually such experiences shape us into strong people. For my fellow visually impaired friends, I want to say that may be such things make us frail and even steal our inner peace but don’t let these temporary settings prevail for long in your mind or heart. When a person behaves in a particular manner, he defines his character not others. There should not be any feeling of minority or like we are sub-humans. And most importantly, we must not keep such incidents inside us; rather we should share these with our friends. Sharing lessens the impact and guards us from unnecessary negative thoughts.

To conclude, I just want to say that life is ours and not theirs’; we are what we are and not what other people want us to be.

One comment

  1. People out there can’t understand your struggles as they haven’t walked in your shoes. All that they are capable of doing is pass ugly comments or behave as if you don’t exist. Let them be, they aren’t worthy of your energy and thoughts. Bury them with your success.


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