Let us not be one of them

Gosipping in ear

Many a times in my life, I have experienced various instances in which people low their voice while having a word about disabilities or people with disabilities.

Recently, I witnessed a similar instance when a lady was telling me about a wedding. I was about to take a leave from her place and just then she began to tell me about a wedding in neighborhood. Her voice was confident and crisp but while telling me about the bride who was handicap, her volume halved and her tone immediately got thinned.

It sounded as if she was sharing a shameful act or revealing a secret to me. I didn’t react to her immediate shift of voiceover but it left me amidst a cluster of thoughts. Now, I regret that I didn’t ask her what made her lower her voice.

Why is it so that people don’t like to talk about people with disabilities or a disability? Why such a sensitive issue is often taken as a bad omen? Why when you are sharing about a disability with a fellow, you are asked to change the topic just because why to start the day with such negativity. Why is it that people appreciate the deeds of people with disabilities when they achieve heights and otherwise not even want to acknowledge their presence? There are many things to ponder about. If you are reading this, make sure you are not one of the hypocrites who pretend to be genuine but are not.

We are the bricks of society and for a strong building of society these issues have to be talked about with dignity.

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