I Don’t Need an Adjective: Please!

I don’t want to be an epitome of Inspiration; I want to be treated as a normal individual. I don’t want to be a source of motivation; I want to be a part of people. Please don’t take me as an object of inspiration; I want a hand to hold and a friend to hug. I don’t want your pity views or sympathetic opinions; what I want is your presence. My disability is just a part of me; it is not me as a whole. Recognize me for the traits and skills I have and not for the vision impairment I carry.

Everyone has disabilities, maybe mine is visible but who knows you too have one? Nobody is perfect and flawless. Who knows you are extremely short temper; isn’t that a disability? When there is a staircase for people to climb the first floor of buildings, why not ramps for wheelchair users? When there are numbers on the currency to recognize for the sighted people then why not special arrangements for visually challenged? The latest currency has no signs for people with vision impairment to recognize the notes. Do we always have to shout louder to get the currency modified or similar things made disability friendly?

Come on, don’t come up with your stretched speeches and seasoned dialogue; come up with actions and deeds. When you have the power to make the world inclusive, make it. You cannot do much but you can do something. Once the world is inclusive, nobody would dare to discriminate. We don’t want to be lucky to attract the attention of people when we are out for shopping or in a restaurant. We want to be treated like the normal people. You might have to come up with that trendy look or a stylish dress to turn the heads but our existence does it without any efforts. The only difference is, in your case, people are amazed with an expression of wow but in our case, the expression is ‘really?’

If you really want to do something, extend a normal shake hand towards a person like me. If you really want to contribute to make an inclusive society, make a change and sensitize people. Tell individuals about the tremendous tasks being done by the persons with disabilities. Aware the narrow minds and polish the ruthless souls. Your little gestures can do wonders. And yes, rather than using fancy adjectives for ‘Me’ or ‘People with disabilities’; do something to create an inclusive society.

If you have any views or ideas, feel free to drop in. Your ideas and suggestions can be a beginning of a new revolution. Don’t underestimate the power of all the little moves that you can make and the words you can say!

#I am just a Girl happened to be Visually Challenged!



  1. True, people worry about disability more than persons with disabilities who have proved their potential with their guts, grit, forbearance and self belief. Actually, society makes them feel disabled rather than the bodies they live in. People don’t understand disability and they fear what they don’t understand.
    You have mentioned that people react to trendy look or a stylish dress of a person with the expression wow but in case of a person with disability doing something extraordinary, they say ‘really’. The fact remains that in the heart of their hearts, they feel that they couldn’t have faced such situation, had such a thing would have happened to them. On seeing such feats, people generally react with the remark , ‘ If one is deprived of one sense, God blesses him/her with sixth sense … divya shakti.’ This is their response to the display of valour by a person with disability. This reflects on the mental disability of people in general.


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