My 7th Sensitizing Session in the Journey of Creating Awareness (December 4th 2017)

My 7th Sensitizing Session in the Journey of Creating Awareness (December 4th 2017)

I strongly feel awareness is the platform that bridges the gap. With the increase in the number of mainstream schools I have covered so far, my belief is getting stronger. In my journey of sensitizing people, today I covered seventh school. I went to Mount Carmel School Jindwari District Ropar. The experience was marvelous. The moment I entered this school with my white cane, my confidence was up, spirit was high and vision was clear. I greeted all the fellows I met on the way. Starting from the gate keeper, he told me about the reception area of the school. The moment I stepped into the reception zone, a soft voice of a lady touched my ear. It was the receptionist saying, “Divya, sit here for some time and Sister (Vice Principal Mam) will be here anytime.” I made myself comfortable therein. In ten minutes, Sister (Vice Principal Mam) came and greeted me. She took me to her office. She asked me about the arrangements to be made. There was an excitement in her voice and gestures. Soon, she went for a round and returned in a few minutes. In the meantime, a gentleman came there and asked me: “Are you here for an Interview?” I smiled and said “No.” Soon, Sister came and we walked towards to the assembly area. Of course, she was extra careful about my steps and even told me to hold her hand as the surroundings were new. I smiled and told her that I would follow her steps and she should just alert me about the stairs if there are any. Within two minutes we were on the stage. After a melodious English prayer followed by national anthem; the mike persons made the arrangements for laptop table and mikes. In the meantime Father (Principal Sir) came to me and asked me a few things. He took a crux of my purpose so as to give my introduction in the assembly. With choicest words, he gave my introduction and handed me the mike to begin my session.I greeted the students and faculty members with a high spirited Good Morning! I always keep my sessions bilingual but this time, ninety eight percent of my session was in English. Though there were some patches of Hindi language too but I preferred to keep the session English oriented as the senior staff was mostly English speaking (South Indian). Throughout my session of 20 minutes, there was pin drop silence. The moment I ended my session, the entire ambience echoed with claps. Principal Sir (Father) wrapped up the assembly with some nice words and shared his points about the session. He also shared about an incident of a visually challenged student they taught in class 10th. Well, one thing that I have always observed in these mainstream schools is the curiosity to know and the feeling to understand. A few of the faculty members came up to me after the session and shook hands with me. Even the sister (Vice Principal Mam) was really impressed with the presentation. She even told me about one of her visits to a blind school. She took my photograph and noted down my number so as to connect the needed fellows with me. The entire session ended up in a happy spirit and a pinch of satisfaction. The more people I Sensitize, the more quenched I feel. After all, I am sensitizing schools to ensure that no student has to leave the school because of lack of awareness, the way I was told to leave when I was in class 8th. Somebody has rightly said: ‘As you start to walk out on the way; the way appears’. After my every mainstream school session, I literally feel the POWER of sensitizing people. NOTE: If you want to go through:- What I talk about?- What I demonstrate?- What are the areas I cover in my 20 to 25 minute long sensitizing sessions?You can check out the details of my sessions on my following blog link:

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