Come Up for a Fair Play!

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Many instances have been there wherein students had to go through so much of mental trauma because of lack of scribes/writers. Even I had to swim through severe disturbance before my boards, graduation and post-graduation exams.  It was my 10th boards and I got the scribe just a few days before the exam. Instead of concentrating on my syllabus, I was panicking about the possibility of getting a writer. There was no writer and I arranged it at last moment. It is no less than a nightmare to get a writer for your exams. There were some guidelines that were to be followed for a writer. For example at that time, we were to take a writer who was two years younger, belong to a different stream and so on.

It is really unfortunate that many students have now started relying completely on scribes. There have been scenarios wherein well-deserving students miss a chance to get a job because the positions get filled by the ones who snatch the jobs by hook or crook. The point is in many areas, students are literally buying intelligent and topper writers so as to get through their exams fruitfully.

It is not just about the missed chances of capable candidates, it is about the reputation of community as a whole. People have started talking about the in capabilities of blind fellows. Of course, there are tremendous things that have been done by the visually challenged fellows. But there is also a bunch of individuals who get through the exam and snatch the job but fail to supply effective work at their job place. For example, in this digital world, everything starts from computer. But unfortunately, there are many candidates who have no idea about the basics like sending a mail and so on and sitting on different government posts.

Time has come to provide students a platform where they can prove their capabilities on the basis of pure intelligence and skills. Over the years, banking has encompassed a great number of visually challenged people. Many of them are dedicated and capable. But it would be harsh to gulp that many are there who have got through the banking tests merely because of their writers. Maybe a writer get you through your exam but what about the practical day today working? Somebody has rightly said, it is easy to reach a place but the challenging part is to stay there. This is what exactly is happening in this working world. Students are getting jobs but no promotions.

I feel students should come up with the will to learn. More importantly, rather than investing so much of time, energy and money in scribes, it would be better to focus on the capabilities and skills. The government should provide a basic platform for visually challenged community wherein everybody can at least write their exams themselves. This way there would be a fair play on everybody’s part.  Moreover invigilation system has to be strengthening that already exists there in current guidelines. Till the time we get any stable alternative of scribes, we can at least ensure that invigilation system is strong enough to ensure transparency.

Please note that there are black sheep in every community and disability community is no exception. In this blog, I have targeted only a small section of this community that is into these wrong practices. The blog post just underlines the practices that are emerging in the disability world. Nobody should take this piece of blog to their personal front.

This write up is only what I feel and I have observed. It has nothing to do with any specific person or institution. Feel free to share your views in the comment area.

Here I am sharing a link of an important interview aired on RadioUdaan of MS. Shalini  Khanna hosted by Danish Mahajan. Must listen!

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