Date with your Deeds! (A Write-Up Before 2017 Ends)

laptop and scattered work tools

People say the world comes with an expiry date; but I believe the liveliness in our life comes with an expiry date. Many individuals are passing the days and gulping the months but not really living their lives. Amidst the bitterness of people, treacheries and heartaches, I found a friend in deeds.

This year, I came across many blessings and some heartache too. But you know I kept the candle of my life lit through the date of deeds. Some people work for money some for status; I have chosen work to work for contentment. Everybody is doing a job but only a few are doing the tasks that made their life worth living.

I am on an unending date with my deeds. Whatever I am doing and whatever I choose to do, it is mine. Be it my office work, radio shows, karate workouts, sensitizing sessions or even guitar sessions; I do them because I love them. Being a person with disability, I have realised the value of things that really weren’t mine. I am happy to have a disability because that makes me two hundred percent of me. Challenges are a part of everybody’s life but courage isn’t. Even a popular thought by Vince Lombardi states: “It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down; it’s Whether You Get Up.”

It is a boon to have a huge circle of friends but it is a true blessing to have contentment and peace of mind in your deeds. Of course there comes ups and downs, there are betrayals and backstabbing but there are hopes and visions too. No matter how spineless the situation is, if you are on a date with your work, you will swim through everything with a smile. Things make you broken, things make you ferocious but the strength and courage is to stay intact within you.

Maintain a distance from temporariness

The exciting secret of this century is its temporariness. If you are investing all your love, energy and passion in people, you will end up in regrets, heartbreaks and loneliness. But if you are giving even just ten percent of your passion and dedication towards your work, it will pay you back. It might not always fetch you a new designation or more zeros on your bank account but it will get you the strength to go through everything. It is good to make friends and rely on the ones who appear to be affable but don’t stake everything on them. Once the tables turn, you might find yourself emptyhanded. The temporariness of friendships is the biggest reality of this world.

Think and introspect and you can get the pulse of this write up. Just be happy for the work you are doing for that would not betray you ever! Your skills, your knowledge and your working dexterity are yours and yours only. And don’t forget, even if you are a person with disability, your work won’t be bias with you ever! It is going to stand by your side when the world isn’t. Be true to your work and your work will get a bullet for you. Work is a date that won’t fade away with time, moods or different statuses!

Feel free to share your views in the comment area! Thanks much for reading and a Happy New Year in advance!





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