Disability: Your Words can play a Role!

Written words with Blocks

If you feel disability makes me lesser than stay happy in that bubble. You know what, it is your perception. It is always good to keep your narrowness to yourself only. Come on, you have a perception and I appreciate that. But why not you just keep the words within you? There is no need to spit them out on me. Even if you are doing that, thank you because that makes me even more gracious.

Your Words Impact the minds!

If you are a person with disability, make sure you are playing with your words in a good manner. Your words are impacting your reality. Of course, that stands 100% true for everyone no matter with or without a disability.  But it matters a little more for you because it is going to be your true hero. Your words are the power you need buddy. These won’t just impact the minds around you but they will give you the vision and strength to endure everything that comes your way.

If you are saying the following words in your life daily, you are actually creating a powerful reality for you:

  • I am doing what I can.
  • Disability is not a problem for me.
  • My disability makes me unique.
  • Disability is just a part of me and nothing more than that!

These lines and words will help you to create a reality in your life that you want to live. Of course, you might be working day in and day out right? But what is the point if you are dedicatedly working but not really positive and affirmative in your words? Come on, your words have to tune in with your work. If you are working hard, go handpicked in your words too. Your words will double the productivity of your tasks!

Finally, before the write up gets wrapped up, be proud of every inch that you possess. No matter how severe your disability is, it is a part of you and a gift from God. When you accept the things and stay proud of them; you actually live a life of gratitude. Your words are a production of your feelings and your feelings are the production of your words. It is a cycle. The sooner you understand it, the better you can become in your life. Make your disability look an integral part of your personality and take it with flow. Once you do that, people will do that too. And even if they don’t, it will no longer matter to you anymore.

So, just relax, take a sigh of relief and stay contented about your disability. Where you have already spend a few precious minutes of your life in reading it, spend a few more in dropping your views in the comment area too! Thanks much for reading!

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