An Ode to Women with Disability!

It is an ode to the inner spark you have, the passion buried in you and the zealous you carry.

Life might not be a bed of roses for you but there lies an inner treasure within you.

The world might take you as an object or mere petite human being,

But listen to me; you have got that power that can turn heads.

Maybe your eyesight is blurry, feet are numb, the voice is silent or ears are unresponsive,

But believe me, the world you can create for yourself is better than the real one.

Disability has nothing to do with the enthusiasm and excitement you can radiate.

Maybe the white cane in your hand, wheelchair around you or a machine in your ear make you look different; but can’t it be a part of your swag?

Wear it with the confidence and believe me people would be colored in your swag too!

Being a low vision woman, I know it isn’t easy to fit in at times;

But believe me, the aura of proving people wrong and staying fit in your own life of vivacity is sublime.

Listen, sweetheart, you do glow; not through the fancy haircuts or trendy makeovers;

But you glow in the commitments you make and the deeds you achieve.

Don’t forget about what you are made up of,

You aren’t a product of show off, cunning smiles or hollow hugs;

You are made up of true love, elevating the spirit and resolute vision.

At times, you might stumble and feel lonely;

But you are never alone; you have your unblemished company.

Even if you fall, you need to Rise like a phoenix.

You have the layers of love, spirit, warmth, and aliveness,

Don’t allow the ruthless world to tear off the beautiful coatings you own.

This women’s day, Promise me, you won’t give up on anything you love.

Divya, my name is, and I promise I would always be there to hear you.

Let’s share the beautiful world of ‘imperfection’ in a perfect way.

Happy Women’s Day 2018 with Lots of love, a visually Challenged Woman!

Divya Sharma



  1. Your words are a boost not just for the physically impaired but for everyone because in some way or other we all are incomplete & lack something. Only if everyone could learn from this beautiful post !!! 🙌🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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