Joggled Number & A Delivery Person

Online shopping has always been a pleasant experience for me. I personally don’t relish visiting shops and buying stuff. I am a fan of ordering things online and receiving them on my doorstep. But yesterday I came across a peculiar experience. It was strange and little uncomfortable.

A courier person visited me yesterday to deliver a parcel. Of course, I was excited when I embraced that package in my hand but soon things got little strange. The moment he handed over the product to me, he extended the pen and sheet toward me. He told me to put my signature. Well, I usually do zig-zag thing on the paper without showing any uneasiness when I receive package from a delivery person. But yesterday things got little out of my grasp. The fellow told me to write down my number in the column. I tried to persuade him by saying, “why don’t you just write my number yourself?” He said, “No Mam, you have to write it yourself.”

Soon, I told him that I am visually challenged and I cannot write so if he could cooperate. He halted for a few seconds and then with a pinch of crankiness in his voice, he simply said, “No Mam you have to fill the number.” I again repeated myself in a polite manner but he was adamant. Soon he said: “Why don’t you just call your neighbours and they fill the number for you?” I felt little scratchy and told him that the neighbours might not be at home. Finally, I held the pen and I joggled the number on the sheet. I knew that the sheet was going for the toss but I had no option than to write it in the way I could. In no time, he interrupted and told me to repeat my number. Then he wrote the number on the sheet and left without saying a word.

I really felt some sort of indifference in that four to five minute long interaction. I wonder if there are any policies about this. How do visually challenged people deal with such delivery persons? Do they really convince the messengers? Do these retail companies and brands have any specific rules for us?

This incident left me mindful and I thought of sharing it with you. Feel free to share your views. What do you think I would have done in this situation? Do you have any other alternatives to offer? I would love to hear!


  1. I would definitely bring this to the company’s attention and find out what their policies are regarding this. The guy responded poorly…You should never be made to feel uncomfortable over something beyond your control. Just my two cents!

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  2. I forget what country you are from but in the USA, companies can get in lots of trouble and face stiff fines from the Dept of Justice for not following the Americans with Disabilities laws. That usually straightens them out right away.

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  3. First of all, I appreciate you sharing. I also, think that there is no policy attached to that. The delivery man doesn’t seem to be a bad person either. He wants you to know that you can do it no matter what, even though he didn’t present that chance in a nice way. You just need a little push. Don’t see it as been harsh or rude. Rather be grateful, he was patient enough to wait for you to pick up the courage to do it. I am proud of you.

    I also, nominated you for Liebster Award please feel free to claim it with the link below:
    Have a pleasant day

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