A silent Presence!

Divya sitting with her labrador Junior

Some presences are never much adored,

But they own a powerful impact.

In my life, I adore my family of course,

But there is a positive personality that I hardly boast about.

People who know me well can make a guess,

But those who don’t;

I am talking about my beloved Labrador named ‘Junior’.

All the names like Juni, Junu, Gugi Puri or any other name that has no belonging; belongs to Junior in our house.

At times I feel my pooch knows about my vision impairment,

It seems there is a silent understanding between us!

I sincerely admit I have stepped on him more than anyone else,

But I can say Junior has never taken such careless blunders of mine to heart.

In moments of sorrows and sadness,

My pooch rescues me in a way nobody else can.

A single pat on his back or a kiss on his forehead,

And I am back on track with double positivity and triple fervour.

He is not just a pet but a positive dose,

A personality unmatched!

And there are days when I hardly speak to him or spend a minute with him,

But the astonishing thing is his presence leaves an optimistic influence on me.

My pooch Junior is really strong,

We cry in the times of pain but He gulps it all.

Be it fever, a wound or sore throat for months,

He takes it all with that wagging tail.

Ah, my positive, precious pooch,

You make this life less stressed and much blessed with your presence.

Your love gives meaning to true love,

And your presence is a present from angels of Lord.


  1. Beautiful peom. Feelings penned down so beautifully. It left me speechless. Great writing. Keep it up. And the bond you are talking about.. I undersatnd ever bit of it. Loads of love to you too. ❤❤🐕🐶👧👧

    Liked by 1 person

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