Seeking Prayers for My Buddy: Junior

Life is challenging but his presence always soothed me.

Whenever the world discriminated because of vision impairment,

This fellow retained my hopes in human.

Maybe for you, a for legged being is a dog,

But for me, my beloved Labrador Junior is an epitome of friendship & unconditional love.

On those rough days and sketchy weeks,

I found myself composed and alive in the company of my lab.

How can I gulp the news that my champ is suffering from cancer.

Oh, lord, this is awful.

When I hear my baby coughing like an old aged person,

When I hear about how his bandage gets dipped in blood,

Blood that has been flowing for three days now;

I shatter deeper and deeper.

Haven’t shed a single tear I,

Fingers are crossed and hoping for the surgery to be successful.

This innocent soul doesn’t even know what he is nurturing in his tail,

Ah, Lord, please the surgery on April 29th 2018 should be successful.

Just can’t, I can’t see my pooch soaked in pain,

Please lay your hand on this being!


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