An affair with Blue: And Its Complicated!

Divya Standing making victory sign

I am not a blue person by personality,

Yet blue is the shade that gives me confidence.

Be it my sleepers or clothes; Blue gives me a pinch of delight and merriment.

Indeed, I don’t share a comfy relation with colours and outfits,

But blue is a bonanza for me.

Being a low vision person, it gets annoying to be surrounded with shades,

But blue soothes my fading sight and comforts my senses.

I call it an affair because it is one,

Whenever I purchase anything new be it phone, Karate gloves, gadget or any other accessory;

The first thing comes to my lips is the indigo.

Ah, I wonder what makes me blend so beautifully with blue!

Somebody recently told me blue underlines persistence and strength

The latter apparently lessens stress and carves out a sense of calmness, relaxation and order!

The idea of romance between blue and me is the smile that splashes on my face hearing about this shade.

Even when someone tells me about their new purchase,

the first question I ask is,’ what is the shade’; is it blue?

People, who know me, can easily relate to my complicated relationship with Blue!

So, next time you ask me if I am single or not;

I am certainly not!


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