Simply Reading: An android Application for Visually Challenged Booklovers

Simply Reading: An android Application for Visually Challenged Booklovers

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There have been many applications on Android platform when it comes to normal reading. But when talking about one single app that could simplify things for people with vision impairment; the number falls shot. Recently I came across an application named ‘Simply Reading’. I liked this app and I feel it is going to open up new doors for people who want to read. The beauty of this app is that you can access all the books available on platforms like Bookshare and Sugamya Pustakalaya. These are the platforms wherein you can easily access books in accessible formats. You just need to have an account there and you are good to go!

This is a fresh Android application for reading books that are surely going to benefit millions of people having print disabilities in India.  Visually impaired people would not have to depend on other people for reading books in the presence of this application.  the DAISY Consortium, which is a network of not for profit organisations from fifty five countries, has developed the “Simply Reading” application as part of Standard Chartered Bank’s global Seeing is Believing initiative to deal with avoidable blindness.

This application is the only Android application in India for reading books that links to online accessible libraries, and permits books to be read on connected Braille display in all staple Indian languages. This application was launched during the Simply Reading without Seeing Seminar that took place on 2nd May at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi by Shri Jagmohan, former governor of Jammu and Kashmir and former LG of Delhi.

I recently linked up my Bookshare account with this application and downloaded a few books to explore the app. So far, it is running smoothly and without any hiccups. The best part is that you instantly get the book and there is no need to learn new sets of commands. The usual commands of talkback work on it. So, if you are troubled with learning new commands with every new app, here you get a sigh of relief in the realm of Simply Reading.

I feel the android users should go ahead and download this application right away. And if you come across any person who cannot afford expensive books or gadgets; just tell them to buy a normal android phone of five to six thousand; download this application and make an account on   Sugamya Pustakalaya or Bookshare.  They would instantly get an access to thousands of books. It is easy to read and the users don’t have to do any type of extra configurations or installations.

If you have any views, feel free to share!



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