Karate Passion: What Does the Universe Want?

By this time my constant readers might know that I am into learning Karate. I have been a big fan of Karate and so far I have achieved five belts. My aim is to get the black belt. Of course, being a low vision person, it has not been easy but I am determined for sure. Last year in November I had to leave learning Karate from previous coach. They misbehaved and insulted me because of my disability. I left them as I can’t take anyone saying anything unnecessary about my disability.
Anyhow, it was difficult to gulp that episode. Since I live in a small town, I, with a lot of difficulty, got that coach two years back. I even made them popular in the schools that they are terrific karate trainers. But end of the day, things got against me only. After November, It took me two months to find a new coach. Of course, this time I convinced my parents to let me learn Karate from a male trainer. The coach has been great and really talented.
But again the universe did not want me to learn Karate. This time, without any single word, the coach left the city on the pretext that he has a wedding in family. When a whole week passed, I messaged him to inquire about our next class. He said that he would not be able to teach me anymore because he has left the city and now started working in a new city. It was a sudden breakdown for me. I was totally shattered. I had no clue why it happened with me. I have been so passionate about Karate that I used to go early morning running 2 km to stadium and then return the same distance with my white cane. Everything was going so smooth. We had no differences and I was even giving the fees even before the due date.
These things troubled me for a few days and soon I discovered in myself a feeling of numbness. Yes, I would one day definitely get the black belt but that day seems a far cry as of now. I have no clue how to find a new coach in my small city. I am trying and will continue to look for one!
Now, I would like to pose a question to all my readers. Where did I go wrong? I am a positive person, passionate about Karate and doing so much hard work; but then what got wrong? It has been said that when you want something with all your heart and you put all your efforts in that direction; the universe accumulates all the power to help you achieve that; but is that true anymore? Recently a thought stepped in my mind, here would love to share. What if it is like, when you want something with all your heart and you work hard for it; it becomes even more difficult to attain? What do you think? Is the farmer right or the latter? I would love to hear your response.
PS: I am doing my practice every single morning; doing all the kicks and punches and stamina workout; but sometimes I feel alone on this path of mine. I fondly love Karate and would never leave it but sometimes, especially lately; I have started have a doubt if my motivation has started shaking?


  1. Don’t give up , atleast you r gaining by practicing . Strength, confidence, will power , determination nd karate moves which will help to survive in future challenges .
    Hardwork never go waste

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  2. Don’t loose hope dear, it all happens in life. Many of us (only those who work for their passion) have stories like this. My eldest daughter is having dyslexia and my youngest daughter having trouble in her speech but nowhere I feel I have a problem I love my daughters and I know how to face this world that play on other’s life. I feel till you get next master you can learn from YouTube or try for any online classes . You will win.

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  3. Dear Divya,
    Cit.: What does the universe want?
    Please, don`t ask the universe…
    Ask yourself what you want to achieve… and how YOUR Karate shall look like and which meaning you want to assign to it.
    Traditional Karate (not comparable to mere Karate sports) is a path (Japanese “Do”, KarateDo, BuDo…) to discover and opening the universe in yourself.
    The longer you are exercising the more you will experience that martial arts is about dealing with your personal issues.
    In particular in the course of the Kumite training (= fight training), Karate provides the opportunity to get to know yourself.
    Actually, you might discover that you will be confronted with all the strength & weaknesses you´ve got in real life. This experience can become quite painful.
    For instance:
    + Your empathy capability (you´ve be able to read your training partner…he should be a “partner!” bcs he allows you to test yourself),
    + feeling for distance (physical but also mentally),
    + determination and doubts,
    + risk taking qualities,
    + fear to fail
    + fear to lose face, resp. your desire to please /impress others by your performance compensating low self esteem,
    + fear to be hurt (physically & mentally)
    + your capability to let it (whatever it might be) go and to focus on the task directly ahead (Here & Now)
    + your stress/ frustration managment, do you enjoy the exercise itself? or are driven by external ambitions? would you continue exercising Karate without any further graduation and admiration from others? Do you atruly fun exercising?…
    …the list is loooong, of course, because human beings are complex creatures.
    No, you are not alone, Divya. Actually, you´re in good & bad company of all your demons & angels that keep you going…. In psychology, we are talking about inner children (the sunny one and the neglected one in the shaddow), inner critics and so on.
    If you experience first doubts if it makes sense to continue your individual Karate path, it is a good sign. It means that you are finally starting your journey. By the way, there is a reason, why Karate belts are not cleaned so that black belts are worn-out becoming actually white aagin after yeras & decades of practice. Finally, experienced senior students are closing the cycle from black to white again. Beyond the obligation to share your knowledge with less experienced colored belt students, it is their quest for keeping their beginners mind (openess, questioning, learning from others, self reflection etc.) alive.
    The Kata training is regarded as the ultimate discipline for “kings”. To put it in a nutshell, Katas are providing students with the chance & challenge to express themselves, like dancers are used to do (thus, you are encouraged to get to know yourself well on the Karate path and to show your true self! A very difficult learning process)
    …and which is kind of magic and possibly a rare experience if you are less advanced…Katas allow you to create and steer energy (“Qi” ). I was blessed to experience this rare phenomena at an extraordinary early stage at my education. It was magic! I didn´t need to force myself or use my physical strength & technical skills to perform the Kata. For just a very few seconds I could FEEL it! Something was literaturally pulling me forward…and Iet it go. But as soon as I started thinking again, the moment was gone. I was shocked & confused. I never had such kind of flow again. The hosting japanese Sensei congratulated me in the break and noted that just a very few Karateka share this unique experience in their life time.
    It was eye-opening. Since this event I start to understand Tai Chi (Chi = Qi = energy) and other martial arts which have been alwys a bit strange/ weird to me.
    Please, draw attention to the history, content and intention of the individual Kata too. For instance, “Sochin” means “Inner Strength”. You´re invited to demonstrate your inner strength. What is your inner strength? Where do you find it? How do you want to showcase or even better share it? …and so on. Many Karateka are training and graduating without ever scratching the surface of the BuDo (the path of the warrior).
    It is sad …but its okay at the same time. It is up to the student to decide how to journey.
    But I wish the Sensei (teacher) would make more offers so that the student are enable to make a conscious decision.
    Divya, I hope your Sensei shares his deeper insights with you and that he is a good company for you on your quest. To find a ishin-denshin relation (sharing knowledge from heart to mind) is a challenge, indeed. And unfortunately, there are more sport coaches around than true teachers. That`s a topic woth a separate blog, I guess.
    Well, Martial Arts can be a very intimate & emotional endeavour, if you are willing and interested in digging deeper.
    Ganbatte kudasai, (= pls., do your best, keep it up, I know you can do it!), …Divya!
    “Weiss-Nix” (German: “Don´t know anything”)
    PS: you might like my BuDo inspired cartoons published in “The Red Box”-BLOG, you´re invited, Divya.


  4. Wow, I `ve produced a lot of typos. Sorry.

    I`d like just to mention the KIHON training (basic techniques training) as well.

    In my view, it includes the studying of physical and mental skills, and I used to compare it with “meditation in motion”. I learnt to love it. The endless repetition is so relaxing. It allows you to let everything go – emptying your mind and starting to FEEL.
    I also enjoy the rythm being one with my group of exercising partners – my DoJo (= student community).


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