Divya Vision Quotes (My Quotes)

1.      Coward is one who always conveys the message rather than saying it

himself. #‎Divyavisionquotes

2.      Adjustment is the nerves of a relationship. #‎Divyavisionquotes

3.      Being sorry is a trait which is rarely possessed by people.


4.      Passion or a lesson is what you get from everyone you meet. Divyavisionquotes

5.      Positivity can be fetched from anywhere if you are willing to be

positive. #‎Divyavisionquotes

6.      Dear Santa, This Christmas, Please shower some positivity in the

hearts and souls of creatures residing in cosmos.


7.      Trust is the salt of every dish and sugar of every cup.


8.      It is better not to have one than to lose a friend. #‎Divyavisionquotes

9.      Why not just inhale and exhale positivity…. ? #‎Divyavisionquotes

10.     Just think about the best moment of your life and you will find

yourself smiling and relaxed. #‎divyavisionquotes

11.     Obstacles appear to strengthen you for the hardships which may

come your way. #‎Divyavisionquotes

12.     Justice demands Efficiency #‎Divyavisionquotes

13.     Never expect other people to guide you, be your own guide and make

the best out of it. #‎Divyavisionquotes

14.     Beware of soft words which may harden your heart. #‎Divyavisionquotes

15.     Make yourself so strong that your appetites do not distract your

focus from your goals. #‎Divyavisionquotes

16.     It’s not about Paris, India or Afghanistan: It is about loss of

every single precious life. #‎Divyavisionquotes

17.     This Diwali, let us sow the seeds of awareness by eradicating

ignorance. #‎Divyavisionquotes  Happy and safe Diwali to all of


18.     Shake your ego or life will shake you off.#‎Divyavisionquotes

19.     Trust is a breath of a relationship. #‎Divyavisionquotes

20.     A word against self-respect is the most difficult to gulp.


21.     Obstacles appear to strengthen you for the hardships which may

come your way. #‎Divyavisionquotes

22.     Never expect other people to guide you, be your own guide and make

the best out of it. #‎Divyavisionquotes

23.     Curiosity is Bliss. #‎Divyavisionquotes

24.     A word of affection calms the turmoil within our mind.


25.     Don’t forget to celebrate your being. You are the precious gift

you can possess. #‎Divyavisionquotes

26.     Entire world can be defeated with a calm mind. #‎Divyavisionquotes

27.     विजयदशमी के पावन पर्व पर आप सभी को हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं


28.     Acknowledgement is a compliment which is not possessed by

everybody. #‎Divyavisionquotes

29.     Blessed is not the one who has everything, blessed is one who has

peace of mind. #‎Divyavisionquotes

30.     Keep yourselve packed with positivity to the brim, so that

negativity does not dare to creep inside you. #‎Divyavisionquotes

31.     Thoughts pave our paths. #‎Divyavisionquotes

32.     Bake your words properly before they are served to others.


33.     Don’t waste your struggles and experiences on cribbing; instead

let them instill you with whatever is required for the final endeavor

of your life. #‎Divyavisionquotes

34.     Make positivity the final resort of your every thought process.


35.     To have a twin sister is a blessing forever. #‎Divyavisionquotes

36.     You have to learn to keep a check on your emotions before they

grasp you. #‎Divyavisionquotes

37.     Loving someone so much is not at all good for health.

38.     Confidence is an attire which cannot be fetched from showrooms or

malls. It is something self-stitched. #‎Divyavisionquotes

39.     Never belittle yourself for anyone because you have to be your own

hero before you be one for others. #‎Divyavisionquotes

40.     Chase your inner voice and let the voice of others take a back

seat. #‎Divyavisionquotes

41.     You are truely blessed if you have a real Teacher, Guru or a

mentor in your life. #‎Divyavisionquotes.

42.     Repeated use of sorry in a relation weakens the very essence of

your relationship. While rare use of the same at the times of its

atmost need saves the bond you share. #‎Divyavisionquotes

43.     Treat yourself the way you treat your special one or dearest one,

and you will never get insecure. #‎Divyavisionquotes

44.     Chew your anger and spit the negativity out of you. #‎Divyavisionquotes

45.     Calmness at the moment of anger guards you against a trail of

problems which may occur due to your uncontrolled anger.


46.     Grace in a deed depends on the way in which that particular act

has been executed. #‎Divyavisionquotes

47.     For a happy life, nurture yourself with positivity. #‎Divyavisionquotrs

48.     Jealousy is an ingredient of pure love but intense jealousy ruins

everything. #‎Divyavisionquotes

49.     A little fear is a friend who keeps you alert. #‎Divyavisionquotes

50.     Prayer is an instrument that may not fulfill your wishes but will

definitely strengthen you to get through the situations you are in.

#‎Divya visionquotes

51.     Prayer is an instrument that may not fulfill your wishes but will

definitely strengthen you to get through the situations you are in.

#‎Divya visionquotes

52.     Affection never perishes, it just takes a back seat. #‎Divyavisionquotes

53.     We are mere clay in the hand of life, and eventually, it moulds us

into a caricature we never thought about. #‎Divyavisionquotes

54.     Independence is a sight where one’s freedom is not the curtailment

of others’. #‎Divyavisionquotes Happy Independence Day.

55.     Your intentions are reflected in your actions not in your beliefs

or thoughts. @Divyavisionquotes

56.     Dive into your life so deep that you get no time to pay attention

to other peoples’ negative words. #‎Divyavisionquotes

57.     True friendship, love and expectations sail in the same boat. If

the relation is True, expectations are bound to come.


58.     Life is a set of strings, make sure you play the positive ones.


59.     Make yourself a source of your own happiness.#‎Divyavisionquotes

60.     Jealousy is futile because in the end we all share the same

destiny. #‎Divyavisionquotes

61.     Pain is a hand which pats you to strive harder when everything

else seems fading. #‎Divyavisionquotes

62.     Life is a password without a hint. #‎Divyavisionquote

63.     Giving is the trait of benign. #‎Divyavisionquotes

64.     A leader in his/her best form is one whose absence is felt beyond

boundaries. #‎Divyavisionquotes

65.     Music is a breeze that freshen ups the mind and comforts the

heart. #‎Divyavisionquotes

66.     A hobby is a friend forever. #‎Divyavisionquotes

67.     Positivity is a remedy for most of our stress issues. Divyavisionquotes

68.     Anger, if not controlled, is a sword which can cut off your own

roots. #‎Divyavisionquotes

69.     Dont feed your fear, rather let your strength feed you.


70.     The feeling of Patriotism has to be in the thoughts, actions and

deeds, but not on the lips or status updates. #‎Divyavisionquotes

71.     An emotion of attachment is a candy which makes your mental

strength diabetic. #‎Divyavisionquotes

72.     Let the troubles wring every bit out of you. #‎Divyavisionquotes

73.     Numbered days, indefinite deeds. #Divyavisionquotes

74.      I, so want deep audacity, to make a perpetual home in my veins.

By Divya Sharma


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