A Piece to Self: An Eternal Friend!

A Piece to Self: An Eternal Friend!
Over the years, one thing I have learned is; to be ‘alone’ is different than to be ‘lonely’. We all find ourselves alone one time or the other but that does not mean we are lonely. There lays a beautiful line between both. The world is a whole big distraction and we are tossing from one to the next. Office deadlines and the rungs of family ladder keep us on toes. Amidst this worldly chaos we do look forward to lean on a loving person; we want to wrap our arms around people who love us.
The harsh reality of life is that we cannot always be around people who are ours. We cannot expect a person to be next to us. Even if they love us or we love them; situations play a role. We get to part from them and we feel disappointed. If you are facing a pinch of loneliness because you are alone; you get to seek friendship, love and pleasure from within. The charms and rewards you can get from your own self are much more rewarding, satiating and most importantly perpetual.
Ah, don’t make that grimace face, once you have learnt the art of ‘being alone’; the entry or exit of people won’t steal your peace of mind. I often find myself parted from people I adore but gradually I squeezed an answer out of it. This pattern is going to repeat in life unless you learn from it. I have learnt that no matter what you do, if you cannot be happy in the company of your own self; you are merely running from the reality of life. I don’t know it is because of my vision impairment or some other reason; I often find myself alone on different arenas. That is okay everybody is alone in one sense or the other. However this repeated pattern has strengthened me in baffling ways.
Thanks to all those prompt and unexpected goodbyes that I have united with a friend within me. I know that I love people but if they can’t stay in my life for longer; that is okay. I have to make peace with it. But similarly, I have also worked on my skills of self-company. It took a long time to understand the difference between ‘being lonely’ and ‘being alone.’ I strongly believe that whenever you feel alone, you have two roads:
– The first road is that you begin to feel that you are lonely, saddened and glum
– The second road is that you feel you are alone and you have the chance to become a friend with your true self and cherish it.
It would be a cake walk to go on the former road; but the challenge is to take the latter path. Do you think you can take that challenge for yourself? Do you have the instinct of daring? Come on, you have to be there for yourself and you can do that by becoming your own bosom friend. Once you have understand the difference between alone and lonely; your life would become much comfortable and relaxed.
5 Power Tips
– Whenever you get time, do the things that entice you.
– Know about your skills and understand your true value.
– Stay open for friendships with other but don’t drag your inner friend behind.
– Be coloured in your own personality and cherish it.
– Back yourself whenever the need arises. No matter you have a hand to hold or not; be there for yourself!
These things would help you become a good friend of your own self. Next time when you feel lonely, make the most of it and enjoy the alone time that you get to spend with yourself.
If you have anything to share in this context, I would love to give an ear!
Cheers and Stay You!

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