A conversation with McAfee

A conversation with McAfee

Yesterday I mailed McAfee about the accessibility issue. I was glad to hear from their support team in a few hours. We had a couple of mail conversations. To get a better understanding of issue, they took my number. Today I received a call from one of their support team members. We had nearly twenty minute long talk.
He had no idea about screen readers or accessibility. I made him understand the entire concept, told about two screen readers (JAWS & NVDA) and explained the issue. He took access of my laptop and tried to open MacAfee soon he admitted that the screen reader does not read anything on MacAfee antivirus. He told me that he would do the settings for me. I simply told him that it is not about me; if that would have been the case; I might have managed to do the settings with the assistance of a sighted person. I clarified that I look forward to have a change for the better user experience of visually challenged community. I told him that if the problem persists, unfortunately I would have to uninstall the software.
He apologised and told me that they don’t have any arrangements for accessibility. I persuaded him to allow me to talk to the technical team or the concerned people. Let us see his superiors will call me tomorrow for further procedures.
Good News:
– At least now he knows about this technology and the needs that millions of visually challenged have.
– He will talk to the other members in the company and the chain will create an informative impact.
– Who knows they become one of the fully accessible screen reader friendly anti-virus providers!
Will keep you updated!

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