Are these cute EMOJIS Just armours?

Are these cute EMOJIS Just armours?

The era is dipped in profound thoughts but hollow feelings. People are short of words or simply want to dodge the conversations. Amidst the chaos of minds; emoji has a role. You might have used or at least seen an emoji in life; have you? Over the recent years they have shouldered the responsibility of conveying emotions.
Being a screen reader user, I have always found these emojis full of life, love and expression. Ever since my screen readers have started reading the emojis, I too have got mesmerised in their charismatic aura. But soon I caught up in a feeling of worry. Where these emojis are perfect to display the silent feelings; they are bringing a gap between people and hearts.
Have you ever thought about the conversation that you had with someone wherein you were to reply to their important message but instead of giving them a satisfying answer, you just dropped a ‘thumbs up’ emoji? There are emojis that are considered as neutral; at least I take them as neutral. We all face instances wherein we feel short of words and instead of squeezing our thoughts through words; we simply drop an emoji. These emojis do look befitting but they don’t carry the depths. The impact words carry cannot never be catered by these emojis. I second the cuteness of these emojis but when it comes to depths; they lag.
My worry is people are indulging in the beguiling cuteness of these words. I feel hypnotic when my screen reader reads an emoji: as an example ‘smiling face with tightly closed eyes’. Ah, how sweetly it reads all these emojis. Of course, these are pampering and spellbinding but not deep. People are rather using these emojis to doge the demanding replies. Do I call these emojis armours?
I don’t blame these lively, energetic and enticing smileys or better known as emojis. But I do blame the selfish hearts, our whimsical minds and absconding tendencies. I personally use emojis to explore the emotions and express the feelings in the most apt and vivid manner. It is time to use these emojis to add meaning and not lessen the sense of any talks. What do you do with an emoji? I am all ears!

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