This 15th August: Seek Independence from Rumours

This 15th August: Seek Independence from Rumours

Today everybody is coloured in the shades of digitalisation. Be it messaging applications like WhatsApp or networking sites like Facebook or Instagram; the platforms are flooded with rumours. The bad news is we are the ‘victims’ and we are the ‘criminals’ too.

Don’t get surprised, how many times do you forward those messages on religions, gender, politics, and reputation of some celebrities or other public figures? Do you ever think about the origination of that text, graphic or video? Do you ponder about the authenticity of these viral items? Mostly people get so overwhelmed by the text or graphic that they don’t even read it to the end and forward it. Such a grapevine is ruining so many families, relations and lives.

You have no clue how disastrous a single forward message by you can turn out to be. There are many bigger issues of rapes, murders, molestations and corruption; but the crime of forwarding anything without its genuineness is a show stealer these days. It is a silent poison. Unfortunately we all believe whatever is sent or forwarded to us. In my case, I once personally encountered a person about the authenticity of the message he texted me and his response was: ‘I don’t know. I received it so forwarded’. His response pierced my heart and I was shocked.

May be you want to become the hero of the group by sending information before anybody else; but make sure your impulse deed does not tarnish a personality or ruining a life. Your single move can become a source of venom in hearts and hatred in minds; even worse; riots take place because of these puerile moves.

Since 15th August (Independence Day in India) is nearing; take a pledge not to forward any messages unless you are sure about the genuineness of the content. Get freedom from these shallow and lethal moves.

What do you think about this concept? I am all ears!



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