An Open Message for my Socialn Open Message for my Social Circle

Dear People,
I am a low vision person and I cannot recognize people. Since my sister has always been with me during events, crowded places and weddings; now onwards, I might be with people who don’t know you. So, where in the past she used to tell me about your presence in the event and I used to greet you myself, things might be different in future. To avoid any misunderstanding, it would be lovely if you begin a conversation with me whenever out in market or functions. I repeat I can’t recognize people and if you say hello, I would definitely respond with a big smile!
The point is, I never avoid people, and I hesitate to start talking unless I am sure about your presence.
PS: Never make any nods or hand gestures to greet me; I can’t recognize. I appreciate a verbal word! Don’t go by my confidence, I can’t recognize people and that is the reality of my beautiful life!
With lots of love

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