A Piece of Silence

As my readers already know I am a low vision woman; recently I experienced a funny yet embarrassing moment. I was in a function and there we were taking dinner. The entire extended family was sitting around the table. Unfortunately my sister or my near one was not next to me. Someone from the table, a distant relative, insisted me to sit with them. I did show some reluctance but then had to sit next to them.

The environment was filled with low volume talks and everybody was occupied in their plates full of dishes. There were waiters catering different food dishes to person to person. They were telling the names of the dishes and asking if we want it or not! Soon, a waiter approached me and asked me, “Would you like to have this dish,” I replied yes. There was a silence for some seconds and then I realised the waiter kept the catering bowl one side and he took away the tissue that was lying on my plate. IT was certainly an embarrassing moment for me. Of course, the plates, as I suppose, were white and the tissue was white too. I couldn’t make out that the something is lying on the plate. The waiter politely and strangely put the dish in my plate and went away.

I was numb for next five to ten minutes. I couldn’t realise what just happened. The situation was getting played in my mind repeatedly. I had a feeling as if everybody was looking at me and thinking of me as a stupid person. I realised how naive sometimes visually impaired people get. But the positive part is now I know that I have to be careful the next time.

Lesson Learnt: Next time, no matter surrounded by loved ones or strangers or distant relatives; I will examine my plate by touching so that any similar situation does not take place again. I am a learner and things might get little embarrassing often but it is okay!

Do you experience any similar instances in your life; do you?

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