3 Powerful Tips to Keep Yourself Going in Any Profession!

3 Powerful Tips to Keep Yourself Going in Any Profession!

If your tasks get unnerving every other day, time is to work on the base. Bring some little yet impactful changes in your routine and these would give you an edge in your profession. Passion alone cannot turn tables for you if you are not willing. Get back on track with these 3 powerful tips to keep you going:

  1. Attractive Rewards

If anytime of your life, you find less supply of enthusiasm, you need to bring reward angle. It is not about showering your entire budget on yourself. In my case, whenever I feel my passion, gusto and morale is going down; I set rewards for myself. Let us admit it, no matter how fervent you are, we all have those days that drain our energy and hamper our excitement for our tasks. the key is to set a reward like an ice cream, a me-time movie slot,  an exciting talk with someone you love or even an outing. When you reward yourself with such things, you get an instant boost. You try to carry out your tasks even more effectively to grab that reward. Haven’t tried it yet? Go ahead and give yourself a reward and experience the subsequent magic.

  1. Satisfaction

Whenever the feeling of tedium enters, make sure you remind yourself of the satisfaction that comes with every accomplishment. There is always a ‘satisfaction’ attached with everything.  No matter a small task or a huge responsibility; once you are done with it successfully; the satisfaction you get is beyond words. For me, it sometimes gets really tedium to record my shows after a long day of office. But then, I visualise and experience the satisfaction that I get after every complete task.  And it works like miracle for me.  A single savour of that satisfaction gives me an instant pep and my tediousness vanishes.

  1. Self-talk

People say they don’t have acquaintances to talk to and share their things with.  It is okay to be alone at times. You can always be your best friend. In the times of lack of energy, enthusiasm and vitality; you can have a word with yourself.  You would be surprised to discover the versatile side of your character. Whether you need an instructor, friend or a colleague; you can find them all in yourself. Start a conversation with you and you would get the answers without a doubt! Self-talk always work wonders for me. If I feel I am alone and I don’t have a friend to ask about my current idea; I simply ask myself. I visualise myself as an audience and I get a sincere and unbiased response always!

So, since these 3 powerful tips are there on your plate now; don’t lose heart or lower down your spirit the next time. If you have any other things that get on your nerves, feel freed to drop it in the comment area. We can sail through everything together! Good luck!

You can mail me your questions at: divyapens31@gmail.com




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