The power of Other Side

Time and again we all go through tough times. We take them as problems, challenges or sheer disappointments. However, one thing that is always there in every circumstance is ‘the other side’. If you want to survive every moment of disappointment, disheartenment and failure then try out digging out the other side.

Maybe sometimes the weather might not work for us but we should never forget it will change. Be it a streak of failures or a prompt shock; there is always the other side. To me the other side is the side that we often abandon. Have you ever thought about the other side of any specific situation? Do you think that there might be another angle to the thing than yours?

Next time when you find yourself stuck in a situation, make sure that you look at the other side. for example, if you wanted to achieve a project but it didn’t fall in your lap; just think about the other side that means something that might not be visible to you apparently but would unroll. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Just because we cannot see it right there, it does not mean it isn’t there. If you have just got a pink slip, it is okay. If you have calibre, there might be another job waiting for you. It is all about how you take things. Don’t look at the side that is visible to you, try to look beyond. Maybe it sounds little fictional or imaginary but it has a depth.

Once you apply ‘the other side’ formula in your life, it would definitely make you see the better side of everything. This concept of ‘the other side’ is my personal experience. Whenever I find myself smothered by a negative situation or a problem; I simply try to think and see the side that is not visible. Always remember, the other side is difficult to discover and you have to put efforts. Believe me or not, once you have learnt the art of ‘the other side’, you would never feel despaired.

Try this equation in your life. Be it a small issue like spilling your delicious milk shake or a huge problem like missing a golden chance; the other side will work for you. You have to believe in it and it will bolster you and yes, before I end it, the other side does not mean the positive side of a situation. The other side simply means the other option that is layered up somewhere beneath.

So, all the best and keep ‘the other side’ on your mind always!

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