My 9th Sensitizing Session in the Journey of Creating Awareness (November 22nd 2018)

Awareness is something that can bring a great difference in lives. With the rise in the number of mainstream schools I have covered so far, my belief in sensitization is getting stronger. In my journey of sensitizing people, today on November 22nd I covered 9th mainstream school. I went to VPS Vashistt Public School, Una, Himachal Pradesh. The session was great. For your information, I visited the principal day before yesterday to talk to him about my session and why I want to cover their institution. He readily said yes and invited me to give the session.
The moment I stepped into the school campus, like always, my spirit was high and purpose was clear. I made my way to the spacious reception area. Soon the coordinator approached me and inquired about my needs for the session. I waited there for ten minutes and soon proceeded to the assembly zone.
The environment of the school was comfy and quiet. The coordinator of the school assisted me to the assembly and when I reached there; news and thoughts were getting delivered by students. Soon a faculty member briefed about my presence and what I was there for. During this time, I collected my thoughts and tried to comprehend the setting. These were a few minutes that gave me a peep into the environment of that school. Soon I took over the stage. I greeted the students and faculty therein with a jovial ‘Good Morning’. I talked about all the points that I was to mention about in my sensitization session. Here it is important to know that I modify the session as per the need of the hour. After my session, students visited me in the office area and noted the names of the assistive software and asked me about different relevant things. Generally I follow a pattern that I have prepared for my sensitizing sessions since the first day. If you wish to know in detail about what I do in my sensitization sessions and why I started my pet project of sensitizing schools, you can visit my blog:
PS: Things I carry with me in these sessions are:
– My laptop and Mobile for a demo
– My project file (For their understanding)
– White Cane if there is no assistance.
Ah, so far my sessions have been interactive and good. I hope to keep on creating awareness in schools and institutions.


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