A Ballad of Affection

Intentions are what matter the most,
Words are said, that would not have told.
I appreciate, adore and cuddle the bond we hold,
But please next time, think & re-think before you voice.
I share time, gifts and vows,
Only with ones, I adore.
Intentions are the purest things in the world,
Don’t fade their fragrance or dim their lustre with the tripped words.
You love, care and pray for me;
So Do Me for you!
You are motherly, dear and precious to me,
Don’t allow the selfish influence of half-hearted world creep in our blissful amity.
I am truthful to us, and that is all I can say;
All I can do for this cherished bond is;
Reflect my truthfulness and care in this short ballad of affection and admiration for you, Mam!

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