A Bond to Survive: Friends for Life

Only a few friends belong truly in my heart,

And you clearly are one of them.

It has been eight years; we walked through ups and downs,

But still nothing could tear us apart.

Be it the first meeting in November 2017,

Or the consequent one in December 2018;

Every moment spent together do belong to us.

Maybe the bond commenced on skype,

But the layers refined with time.

Respect, Love and trust are the belongings we share.

The friendships we share give us strength at times,

Strength, to face the fears imposed by the ruthless world!

Vision impairment was the base of this foundation,

And still the vision of this companionship is grand.

When you’re feeling low and blue,

And world is being harsh to you.

Always remember you are not on your own.

I am always there; you will never be alone.

And yes, yes, I know I got your back,

And you have mine.

Living 1614 kilometres apart,

I am glad we still have what we initially had;

A friend for life, a bond to survive!

By Divya Sharma


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