A Salute from the Senses 

Liberty & Freedom never come free,
The heroic brave hearts lose their lives for this retrieve.
And sometimes the enemy attacks with their coward deeds.
You can call these soldiers heroes, Warriors, brave hearts or anything else; they are the courageous souls.
We, behind the screens, do witness their martyrs and sacrifices and feel upset and dim.
Not an inch of what they do for us, we can relate to,
But supreme respect, regard and love is what we can preserve for these souls.
Yesterday, the terrorist attack in Pulwama left the nation bleeding,
Every man is crying, yelling and fuming in their capacities.
The families of the deceased floating in the river of grieve and gloom,
And the authorities are determining to broom the toxic smut from the nation’s surface.
My earnest, deepest and humble condolences to the families of parted souls,
And a salute from my heart and senses to the brave force!

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