The Murky Hours

There is something misty about those night hours,
No matter how weary or exhausted you are; they engulf you in a way that sleeps becomes a far cry!
The silence of night, rainy days, the pinging of creepy thoughts;
Is this what these dusk hours for, really?
The long days keep you nestled in the work and deadlines,
And the nights take you on a fatigued trail.
The low, dimly voices echoes through the stillness of midnight,
They are the voices that emerge at a distant but feel like knocking at the door.
Maybe it’s the stress, or the consequences of what you read or listen that depicts during night hours?
Come on, dear night you cannot be so ruthless and discomforting,
At least allow the eyes to shut, spirit to relax a body to unwind under your realm!
Perhaps, this is not the outer world that keeps ye awake,
It is the curious inner world that pushes ye to maintain a distance between sleep and night!
Dear reader, what do you feel about these nightly hours?
Do you too feel a victim of the murkiness that night blankets?
Would love to dip in the thoughts you have to share!
– Divya Sharma


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