Food: An Escape from Worldly Whips

Tossing the onions and gulping the fruit whine,
Food is a delicious Twine that keeps the days benign.
A hectic day, a rough phase of life or a disappointment,
Take refuge in the bowls of refreshments, or plates of meals and you shall be solaced!
The scent of food, layers of spices and the sprawling toppings,
These are the ingredients that can energise the moments with their flavour and appearance.
Whenever ye feel the thrashes of life,
The appetizers step in with their generous soothes.
Starters, soups, solid or sweets,
You should not miss their sparkling and elevating beats!
Food is the crush of hearts, and fuel for minds.
And good news is, never does food betray ye.
No matter how bristly the weeks pass by,
The spices and ingredients keeps us all beguiled.
Fruits uplift and feeds pamper the pallets,
Yes, next time you are thwarted or drained, flee it with victuals.
By Divya Sharma

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