Shiva: The Eternal Mystic Presence

Bless me with Thy blessings and strength,
Bestow on me the power You can strew.
Lord Shiva, guide me with Your existence,
Allow me and I shall bask in Your blessings.
Put me on the right path if I tremble and go wrong,
Encircle me with Your supreme supervision
And I shall not wither amidst the harsh worldly yarns.
Allow me to feel at least an inch of your Wisdom,
I propose my devotions to You, the ultimate power.
We are all Your devotees, seeking Your direction & chides for our wrong.
Oh, Lord Shiva,
Allow us all to be abode in the world of internal goodness and external bliss!
Bequeath my dear ones with Your choicest balms.
To heal and seal them with the ultimate relief!
Happy Maha Shivratri!- By Divya Sharma

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