My 10th Sensitizing Session in the Journey of Creating Awareness: March 8th.

Awareness is something that can move mountains. With the rise in the number of mainstream Educational Institutions I have covered so far, my belief in awareness is getting stronger. In my journey of sensitizing people, today I covered 10th mainstream Educational Institution. Icing on the cake is that I did it on the occasion of ‘Women’s Day’. Yes, today is 8th March 2019, International Women’s Day. I was invited by ‘SRI GURU TEG BAHADUR KHALSA COLLEGE SRI ANANDPUR SAHIB, PUNJAB’ for my sensitizing session and motivational talk. Principal, staff and the entire faculty made fantastic arrangements for my session.
Conference Hall
All my previous sensitizing sessions have taken place in open assembly ground. This time it was held in the conference room. It was surprising to find that the moment I entered the hall, there was already one of the videos being played on the projector. It was a short video I got featured in yesterday by #Newzhook in the context of ‘Women’s Day 2019’.
Once I made myself comfortable there, one of the staff members briefed the students and faculty members regarding my visit. This time there was another different thing in my session. My mom accompanied me. Yes, it was the first time that somebody accompanied me for my sensitizing sessions.
Like always, the duration of my session was 20 to 25m minutes. I sensitized the students and faculty members about how people with disabilities (Visually challenged) work, what are the technologies, the names of the software and applications, gave example of some platforms like Radio Udaan, gave a demo of laptop screen reader and phone screen reader, Briefed about Right to Education Act (RTE), Braille, talked about my journey and how technology made things possible for me. I also talked about how I started these sensitizing sessions to ensure that nobody is compelled to leave the school the way I was in class 8th because of lack of awareness on the part of school.
On the persistence of faculty members, my mother also shared her views about awareness. The session came to an end with the closing comments of Principal Sir. It was a lovely gesture on the part of Principal Sir and faculty members to honour me. So, this was my 10th Sensitizing session. The session came to an end with the closing comments of Principal Sir.
If you have any questions or curiosities; always feel free to leave them in the comment area. Good luck and keep reading!
NOTE: If you want to go through:
– What I talk about in detail?
– What I demonstrate?
– What are the areas I cover in my 20 to 25 minute long sensitizing sessions?
You can check out the details of all my sessions on my following blog link:

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