Life is no less than a rigorous marathon,
Keep on going, keep on rising and you shall never be deprived.
Till the last second of your life,
You shall thrive; thrive through your continuous strides.
Uphill or slopes,
Keep alive all your hopes.
Sometimes you are fierce, sometimes you are frail,
But with your constant efforts you shall never derail.
Navigate through the unknowns,
And the ways would unroll for you with absolute foams.
In the marathon of life, you shall not win always,
Failure might encounter you in face,
But I am sure; you will thrive with obstinate faith.
Once you take up the marathon of life with spark in your heart and will in your spirits,
The dips and fears will never weaken your ultimate endurance.
Try to give this marathon everything you own,
Because the finishing line is where you belong!
Divya Sharma

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