A Taste of My Latest 16 Quotes

1. Sulk, sink, survive or soar; the choice is always yours. #Divyavisionquotes
2. Be the sky of your life and let the wordings of people be different seasons. #Divyavisionquotes
3. Make yourself your go to person if you want to lead a happy life. #Divyavisionquotes
4. No matter how feeble we feel we are, there’s always something within us that keeps us going. #Divyavisionquotes
5. Maybe your life isn’t perfect, but you must never leave any stone unturned to bring excellence in life. #Divyavisionquotes
6. Over thinking shall always carve a problem which wasn’t even there. #Divyavisionquotes
7. Are you giving the world the best you own? Haven’t thought about this? Think now! #Divyavisionquotes
8. Life is never short, we start living it late! #Divyavisionquotes
9. Amid the hubbub of the world, keep your faith intact in God. #Divyavisionquotes
10. Actions are what I believe in and words are merely excuses for me. #Divyavisionquotes
11. Beware of impetuous deeds or you might remorse later on. #Divyavisionquotes
12. Once your mind stops bothering you, you can outshine everyone. #Divyavisionquotes
13. Prepare the dishes of your days with the ingredients like positivity and kindness. #Divyavisionquotes
14. Some people are just too good. It is always pleasure to witness their deeds. Respect. #Divyavisionquotes
15. Allow yourself to be the supervisor of your own life or the world might misguide you. #Divyavisionquotes
16. Positivity is one ingredient that can make any dish scrumptious. πŸ™#Divyavisionquotes


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