And My Muse departed….

A decade of unconditional love,
Ten years of pleasure,
You have been my ultimate leisure.
In August 2009,
You paced into my world,
And in 2019 you are gone.
Be it my creativity, work or passion,
You had always been my muse and relaxation.
You poured positivity in me,
And today you are gone.
You have been a being who never did discrimination
And with you I had always felt serene and beamed.
Junior, you were not just my labra dor, but my dream.
Maybe for others you were merely a dog,
But for me you are the loyalist being I have known.
It’s not even more than 24 hours that you have departed,
And my ears are already craving to hear your snores.
Thank you for always been my strength, my muse,
You, i never really thought I would lose.
Be it the noise of my screen readers
Or unintentional steps I kept on you,
You never frowned or been rude!
I love you and already missing you,
May God keep you closest to His heart!
And I shall meet you once I am there beyond the rainbows and clouds.


  1. Such a wonderful, loving tribute to your beloved companion! Brought tears to my eyes! Happy you had all the years you did. Hold onto all the joy you shared together!! I think you need to write a few pieces about your feelings and relationship – Just me!
    Blessings to you Divya!!!


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