The Infinite Innocence

Having you in my world has been a sheer delight,
Your innocence, your personality and aura;
It all was a threshold to world beyond frauds and roars.
Shall I admit, or withdraw to myself,
That you were the one taught me gratitude!
Human beings lack the gratitude,
And you had it in Abundance.
Even when I used to give you an extra round out,
You were always on cloud nine.
The innocence in your gestures and actions always left me enthralled,
I still remember when I used to punch my punching bag,
You used to rush in between to defend that poor bag.
You had that essence of pain and compassion for that non-living thing.
I do get teary eyes when I recall how you were so concerned about every single person in the family,
And for every single thing too!
Everyone from Grandma to Doctor was your fan,
Just a few hours before your death,
You tried to convey your gratitude and love through that last wagging tail.
I wish I could hug you one last time again my pooch.
The world, luxury, comforts and delights stand hollow in your absence,
The reality is I never thought of living without you,
Just trying to take baby steps toward the world,
World that does not have you my love, my junior!

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