A Few Words I Decided not to Articulate!

Yesterday, I heard the doorbell. It was noon and I was working on my laptop, meeting the office deadlines. I rushed to door and opened it. It was a person who visits every month to check the electricity meter reading. Being low vision, I cannot see people and their faces. I, with confident voice, inquired “who is that?” the person answered I am here to check the electricity meter reading. I opened the fastened door and told him to enter.
He stepped in and suddenly took two steps back. To my surprise, he said, ‘Is the Dog chained? Please chain him.” that moment was absolutely piercing for me. I simply hummed yes, Please come in. He entered the door, checked the reading and left. After closing the door, I wondered what that was. Is Junior (my Labrador) no more in real? I was shaken for a short span of time.
Indeed, I didn’t tell the person that my hero, my champ is never going to bark again, but inside the heart I could feel every inch of the void he has made in my routine. I introspected for some time if I did right by not telling the person about Junior’s death? Maybe, by not telling him about it, at least he would stay alive in the vibes? Yes, I did the right thing. That person was convinced that Junior was sitting in the room. How can I just announce about his death. At least, even after his death, he is around me. He is seeing me, protecting me and watching over me. After all, these are the instances that underpin your belief that ‘The departed soul is around’.

I told about this incident to my closed ones and they said’ Why didn’t you tell that person?” I simply said, “I couldn’t gather the courage to say It.” but deep in my heart, I knew I would never say it to anyone who visits home on regular basis. Let them be in the perception that Junior is right here. This way there would remain sort of fear in them; the fear that my innocent, handsome boy has made in their hearts.


  1. दिव्या,सही कहा तुमने ये बहुत कठिन है कहना कि जूनी अब नहीं है क्योंकि वो यहीं रहेगा हमेशा हमेशा ।नौ दस साल में उसने जो जगह जो बनायी जो प्यार दिया उसके लिए सदियाँ याद रखेंगी उसे।जानती हूँ बीटल के कारण ये अच्छी तरह कि जूनी भी हर आने वाले से मिलना ,उस से से परिचय करने की चाह रखता पर लोग देखकर डर जाते हैं।इतना प्यार कोई नहीं कर सकता किसी को जितना ये बेजुबान करते हैं।बेहद खूब लिखा तुमने👌👍


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