The Learning Vibes

The quest for learning makes me cram from every inch of life.
Be it the hard times or the quality moments;
I end up bagging something from there.
Having bunch of acquaintances in my life who care for me,
Make me inclined towards gratitude.
Thankfulness has always stayed on my lips,
And shall always be!
Mornings soak me with new energies,
Noon shoves me through the sluggish moments,
And evenings make me think more.
Every patch of a day has something to unfold,
And I am all ears to it.
Lord, I do make mistakes,
Human is error,
But righteousness lies in learning from it.
And the only thing I know is,
I never intentionally hurt the hearts or souls.
I try to tame my words,
When I know they can hurt a being.
I am learning,
Learning to live, understand, appreciate, move on and to be my own.
Divya Sharma


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