Latest 15 Quotes from my Facebook Page: Divya Vision Quotes (Self-Written Quotes)

1. Mind imagines, and heart becomes the sufferer. Keep your mind and heart on a same page. #Divyavisionquotes
2. Pen your future with thoughts in your mind. #Divyavisionquotes
3. Your attitude either expands your life or shrinks it. What do you choose? #Divyavisionquotes
4. The Sun and The Clouds: melting in calm azure Sky. And #Divyavisionquotes
5. Wrap yourself in beautiful memories, and sneak in mysteries of future with confidence. #Divyavisionquotes
6. The reality of life is not carved on map. Nobody can point it out. #Divyavisionquotes
7. You breathe in my heart Junior. ❤️#Divyavisionquotes
8. Life wants you to be steady and not perfect. #Divyavisionquotes
9. Less or more; everything human beings gain to lose. #Divyavisionquotes
10. Mothers: The seeds of happiness, compassion and love. Mother’s Day to all the Moms. #Divyavisionquotes
11. My flaws, my fears; make me human. And my will, my zest & craving to improve, make me ‘Who I Am.’ #Divyavisionquotes
12. The bodacious smiles are always earned. You cannot fake it. #Divyavisionquotes
13. Fill your heart with gratitude. #Divyavisionquotes
14. Stitch your life with your strengths, or you might see your world falling apart. #Divyavisionquotes
15. Always start any relation or bond with a thought of end in mind: It shall help eventually. #Divyavisionquotes



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