5 Gadgets I absolutely in Love with!

Gadgets always fascinate me and I have a soft corner for them. It is not for some fancy pleasures or exotic thrills, my love for gadgets is to explore experience and try new things. Gadgets make my life easy and satisfying. Before you go through my list remember I am doing this post because I share what I like and my post is not at all an advertising or promotional post.
1. Philips Go-gear
It is a small mp3 player. The cool thing about this device is it gives you 4GB space to store your songs. Similarly there is a 1.1 inch screen on the device wherein you can read the instructions like playing song, next song and so on. Being a visually challenged person, I cannot access the screen but I have memorised the keys well to navigate comfortably.
Apart from songs, you can play radio on it. If you are in a habit of recording your voice on the go then too it comes handy. Indeed, it has to be in your Gadget collection. I easily run it for two days after charging it full. I love it the most when I travel. I just dangle it on my tee. Since it is a pen drive sized device with USB to charge and connect to PC, it becomes easy to charge it and add songs in it. If you love to listen to music then you must have it. While cooking, workout or walking; the device adds up beats! If I skipped mentioning, you can listen to music on it only when earphones are plugged in.
2. Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa
This is my best companion. From daily work reminders to the morning playlist, it does it all for me. The best part is it tells me whatever I want to know that too without touching it. Ah, this is something really precious to me and makes me feel happy every time I use it. I love to play games too with Alexa. Whether quiz or funny games; it has everything to entertain you. News to movie reviews; I use it. I still remember my pet dog (Labrador) Junior two months ago was perplexed to hear my conversation with Alexa. For a few minutes he was all ears and then he sat between my chair and the place where Alexa was laying.
3. MI Selfie Stick Tripod
This is a recent addition in my gadget collection. The thought of waiting for someone to come and record my guitar song always made me frown. And then I bought it. It is too handy and works really well. I record all my guitar or sensitising videos with the help of MI Selfie Stick Tripod. The coolest thing is even if you want to take selfie and you are not an expert like me, it makes you take a better shot.
4. Noise Shots (Bluetooth Earphones)
It is the most recent addition in my collection. Initially I found them little complicated because of their small size. I was excited to use them because they have no wire and I can easily plug them in my ears during my work out and when I do other tasks. One day when I was practicing Karate, one of the ear plugs fell down and I couldn’t find it because of my extreme low vision. I had to take sighted assistance to find the small earplug. Anyhow, since the device, as I knew is great, I made it a point to wear a cotton cap whenever I do workout with Noise Shots. I simply pull down my cap till the lower end of the ears. In this way the earphones stay intact. Since then, it has been several times that I wore them during workout and the experience has been amazing. The quality of sound is good and fulfilling. Even if your phone rings up, you can directly take the call from your earphones.
5. Philips Wireless Portable Speakers
This is another cool gadget that adds up ease in my life. Whenever I want to listen to loud music I connect my phone with this speaker and it’s done. The quality of music is really good. Sometimes, when the phone battery is low, I keep my phone on charging and take the speaker with me in the kitchen or working out area. It can go well in bathroom too because it is waterproof. Finally, if your phone rings, you can take the call right from the speaker and no need to rush to the room to answer.
This post was a pure product of my emotions for gadgets. If you too are a gadget buff then do share your gadget experiences!

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