The Superfluous Importance of ‘Unknown’

In our life, we give importance to many things as per our preferences. But there is one thing that everybody gives importance to and it is ‘what people say’. I don’t understand why the unknowns have so much value in our life. Whenever we have our point to make, we mention how people say this is right or that is wrong. No matter we or our elders, friends or acquaintances; we are all too much fascinated by what the ‘unknowns’ said or say.
Isn’t it too much?
It is pretty unfortunate we hardly give importance to what our well-wishers say. We often prefer the ‘unknowns’ over ‘knowns’. In simple words it is time that we stop saying ‘people do like this and so we want to do it’, ‘people say it is right and so we will experience it’ and there are so many similar things.
Just because we know from where a suggestion, an advice or guidance is coming, it does not mean it is any less important or relevant. Do we even know who those unknowns are that we or our loved ones are always referring to when discussing? It is time to tear the curtains of unknown and wear the value of what our knowns say us. You might have experienced your friend saying that we should take this career, we should start doing this or we must visit there because people say it is too cool, right or great. Well, again, do we really think who ‘people’ are whom we have been referring and trusting so much all these years? It is apparent that all of us, each one has undergone a moment of ‘unknown’. We are always advised that people say it is right and you should do it or it is wrong you should avoid it.
It is the time for real check. You have to find out what are the grounds of what people say. Next time if anyone tells you: you should do this or that because people say; interrupt them and ask: “Do you know who the people are you are referring to here? I would love to know about them.”
If you have any similar instances or anything to say on the concept of ‘Unknowns’, feel free to drop in your comments. Let’s discuss it!


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