The Dark side of hiding Disability

Millions of people have disability in the present time. In India, you can find a person with disability in every street. But one thing that pierces my heart is the practice of hiding disability. In my case, my family and I have never hidden my vision impairment. Perhaps, that is the reason I could accept my vision impairment with my chin up.
I have often seen people talking about disability in a dim voice. Indeed, it is not a hush-hush topic anymore. It is about the life of a person that has to be lived with dignity and respect. How long are you going to hide the disability of your child, sibling or extended relative? Do you feel that you are doing any good to that person by concealing it?
Inferiority complex
You know what congratulations you are cultivating inferiority complex in your child by keeping his or her disability a secret. Your child would always feel inferior because of this practice. If you keep the disability open, the individual is certainly going to feel confident about him or herself. They would learn to live with their uniqueness and that too without any complex.
Low confidence
Maybe you are cushioning your loved one who has a disability but what about the world? He or she has to encounter the world later or sooner. Today you are there with them but what about tomorrow? If you are keeping the disability hidden the person would never be able to have confidence in him or herself. Instead of hiding the disability you need to encourage them to lead a good life. You need to boost them to do well.
It is not safe
Many families think that it is safe for the person to keep their disability hidden. But do you really think that way? Come on, it would rather put the person in more dangerous circumstances. He or she would feel frightened about their present and future. It is important for you to make sure that the person is accepting their disability and it is possible only if you make them comfortable with their uniqueness. Once a person knows their limitations because of disabilities they adapt the activities and the world in a different way. They learn to live in their own ways and lead a better life. If you are hiding the disability then the individual would never feel safe without you.
You know what it does not matter what others say, it is your life and you have to make the best out of it. There is no need to be sorry for your disability. You are unique like anyone else. You might have different ways of doing things but you too have aspirations, aims and dreams. Don’t burry your dreams by hiding your disability. It is time to accept your disability, adapt the needed ways and do your best.
What do you think? Should disability be hidden?


  1. Interesting read, Divya. Very thought-provoking. Conversations revolving around this issue is the need of the hour. Thank you! One of our differently-abled artists considers his condition as a unique gift from God. Him being mobility-challenged never deterred himself from achieving his dream of becoming a dancer.

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