Yoga 2019: An Art

Yoga is a practice that can infuse positivity and passion in you. I don’t do yoga in core but I practice
some of its postures and stretching as part of my workout. Even if you do ten minutes of Yoga (For
that matter any type of workout) in a day, you can feel energetic, good and happy. Your body feels
fresh and mind gets pampered. A few lines on Yoga:
Embrace Yoga and you would be dazed by its magic,
An underestimated art but it can do wonders in your life.
Yoga does not need you but you are the one, who needs it,
Every inch of your mind and heart craves for it if you give yourself an ear.
Time is always right when you have Yoga on your side,
Stress, worries or fatigue;
Everything can take a backseat with Yoga on front seat!
It’s never too late, cuddle the art of yoga,
Feel the youth in you even if you are hitting the age group of 70s or 80s.
Age is certainly a number when Yoga enters in your routine!

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