Why Do Buildings always fascinate me?

I live in a township and on ground floor. I never had the flavour of living in a flat/apartment system. Presently my siblings do live in flats and I often visit them. Over the period I found myself fascinated by buildings. Before I spill the beans, can you honestly think about the thing that fascinates you when you look at a building having flats? Be truthful to yourself and feel free to comment in the comment box.
Resuming from where I left, the most exciting and motivating thing I find in a ‘building’ is stairs. Yes, you heard it right. Where a staircase intimidates many of you, it excites me. I feel attracted towards it. I hardly prefer to go by elevators or lift. I always prefer to run up the stairs and reach the destination. My energetic heart drags me towards the staircase where my mind inclines towards elevator. However, the former always wins the battle.
You must be thinking I am a fitness freak or I love to do exercise; well, you are right. But there is one more reason behind my fondness towards staircase. I feel more confident about myself. Certainly workout is the perks of climbing or coming down the stairs but for me, it also accompanies a delight of improving my mobility. I feel confident when I take stairs. Being a low vision person I used to be afraid of stairs but then I started falling in love with it. Now whenever I go to any place, I prefer to take stairs to firm my grip on my steps. It gives me confidence and immense strength from within. Sometimes I do skip one or two stairs but that is okay it makes me a better stair climber and boosts my trust in me. I learn from every slip-up I make. Not to miss I always keep my one hand on railing to avoid any falls.
So, everything around us has something to teach, something to impart and to motivate us. Do you think you can relate to this post in any aspect?

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