Reminders Deserve a Pat on Back

The reminder before the 12 at midnight,
The reminders given weeks before the special day;
These are all special and endearing.
There always is a person in life that ensures you don’t forget wishing another dear one on their special day,
Ah, it is not the formality but the emotion behind the wish.
Often siblings remind each other about the approaching special day of parents,
Or sometimes one of the parents reminds the kids about the special day of other parent.
Certainly these emotions are woven of love, appreciation and respect.
Birthdays or anniversaries,
These occasions become special because of these hidden reminders.
The world is pesky and demanding,
Amidst the fumes of work and waves of deadlines,
At times, even the closest ones skip the special days of their loved ones.
No wonder, reminders deserve the pat on their back,
If not been there, relations would have collapse like a house of cards.
Have you had any such moment when you were reminded by a special one about a special occasion?
Next time if you know about a special day, make sure you remind your dear ones,
Purely to guard a heart from getting broken,
Just Because of forgetfulness on the part of associates!


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