3 powerful Traits I have learnt from My Mom

My mom has always been a sublime power in my life. She has been the spirit in low times and merriment in the good times. Through her way of living life, I have learnt many amazing and important things. And through this piece I would share three of these with you. Certainly moms have unconditional love for their kids.
1. Goodness returns
I always feel that I am too naïve or I always do good things for others. I sometimes tell my mom why do we always focus on doing well for others and people are too ruthless. She simply smiles and shares her experiences. She always tells that goodness come the whole circle. If you spread goodness, you get goodness back later or sooner. Maybe not today but sometime down the lane, you get it from an unexpected person and in an unexpected manner. And you know there have been a few instances when I have experienced it happening in my life. Initially I took this thing as an instruction from her but gradually, I lived it. Really, I didn’t get much influenced by her words as much I did by her implementation of this concept in her life.
2. Live to the fullest
My Mom has always been an epitome of positivity in my life. She never told me this in words to live life to the fullest. But you know this is something that I have derived from her life. Whatever she gets or how much she has, she feels contented and happy. Even if she has a certain amount and she has to give it to someone for help, she never thinks twice. She is such a person who feels what is there is today. She lives it to the fullest. Certainly she gets worried about future sometimes but that never overpowers her way of living life. She is a lively person and makes everyone bouncy with her presence. She is ‘She’ and always feels to come up with new ideas, bring a smile on other’s face through her activities and lives life to the fullest no matter what.
3. Stay Active, Stay You
Yes, she is retiring in the January of 2020 but her spirit is as feisty as and even more energetic than that for a person in 20s. The idea is to state she feels young at heart. Even if she has any health issues, she doesn’t allow them to hinder her activity. She goes for walk even when the day is packed with back to back deadlines. She is always working on this or that and even stays occupied both working and off days. Her activeness and activities are infectious. Seeing her I have grown up and developed a habit of wearing so many caps. I too love to stay active and perhaps, I have got these germs from her.
In conclusion, all I can say is, “My Mom has made me a better person. Without her, I would have withered long ago. All challenges, no matter my vision impairment or any low notes of life, I could deal with them so well because of the influence of my Mom. I really want to be her replica in my life.” I always have faith in God and I will never exhaust thanking Him for giving me a loving, caring, hardworking and dedicated Mom.


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