The Imperfections in Perfections

Often the pair of your eyes,
Turn glittery when looking at a couple smiling cheek to cheek!
Often the oomph slips from your moments when you hear about the achievement of others.
Ah, poor you, you are a victim of your ‘perfect vision’ of imperfect frames.
Yes, the sites you witness, the ideal sounds you hear and the cheer you feel jealous of;
It is all an illusion.
Keep your hand on your heart and do a questionnaire with yourself,
Do you really feel anyone on earth is free of pains?
Do you really feel anyone around you is perfect in everything?
Do you really have the perception that the smiles on the faces of your acquaintances denote pure happiness?
Well, these things are too far from the reality.
The reality of today is,
Everyone is anguished because they are pretending to be perfect,
Even those happy scenes, sounds and episodes have imperfections that you choose to overlook.
The idea is to be contented with who you are and what you own.
You are not deprived of anything that belongs to you.


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