A Tribute to my Junior

Junior, today it is 97th day since we have lost you. Your love, affection and devotion towards us were miraculous and unconditional. We all love you beyond words. You were an ideal pet and the best being I have ever come across. As an endearing tribute to you my muse Junior, here we have decided to keep another furry boy. Yes, we promise you we will love him as much as we loved you. After all he is your younger brother. My boy ‘Junior’, beyond the skies, amidst the rainbows, I am sure you are watching us and feeling our emotions. Remember, Junior you always breathe in my heart and always will. ❤️🙏😍💙😍.

PS: This new member’s name is MAGIC 💙
A Lemon Beagle He is. ❤️

Read about junior here:




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