The Scariest Dream I Ever Had!

Yesterday I had a chilling dream. Sunup hours those were and I had a deep nap. The dream began with my Mom and Dad and they were roaming in the living area. Here it is important to know that we have a living area in house and there is a window therein through which we can see the backyard and a glimpse of the trees that are in back houses. This window description is the backbone of my dream.
Back to the dream, parents were roaming in the living area. Suddenly mummy steps out of the kitchen, which is adjoining to the living room inside the house. She looks out of the window and says, “I think there is a sack hanging with the tree in the back house.” My dad replies yes it is just a sack it seems. Since I cannot see because of my low vision; I heard their conversation and didn’t make any reply.
After some time somebody told that there is a dead body hanging in the sack in the back street house. Certainly it was shocking for the parents. Everybody was in horror. But I was in double horror and the reason behind that was so logical. Even in my dream I could feel the impact of the horror so vividly.
I was terrified because I usually wake up every night to drink water and go to washroom. The washroom is adjoining to the living room. We have to cross it to go to kitchen or washroom. Here, the tricky thing is that dad leaves the window of living room un-curtained so that fresh air enters inside from the backyard. What bothering me was what if the murderer had committed the murder at that hour when I passed the living room? Certainly, since the light of the living room was open and outside was dark, he might have seen me from the back street wall. And now, he might be thinking that I have seen him committing the murder and I am the only witness. After all, he does not know that I am a visually challenged person. He would certainly try to approach me to kill me too because he thinks that I have seen that hideous crime.
Readers, at this moment my dream got broke and I literally woke up. I was sweating and feeling really scared. Many of you might be thinking that maybe I had watched a movie the previous day or listened to any such incident and so I had this dream. Well, I didn’t watch anything scary or crime oriented. After this dream, I was just thinking about the logicality of this dream. Certainly, fact is fact that the window stays un-curtained and anybody can see from the outside.
What do you think about this dream? Do share your views about it!


  1. Blimey, that sounds horrifying! Dreams do have some bizarre ways of representing how we are feeling. Have you felt differently towards the world or people around you lately?


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