My 1st Mobility Venture

Recently I went to Delhi for an accessibility discussion meet. This time I was prepared to try some mobility in a busy area with my stick. Indeed, i feel mobility has always been one of my fears. I wanted to go to New Delhi Railway station from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. I was accompanied by my father but we decided that I would get into this mobility venture alone.
I belong to a small city and I hardly get chance to work on my mobility. I thought it would be a great opportunity to test my skills and alertness. I listened to my inner voice and with my cane stepped into Kashmiri Gate Metro Station at 6am. There were long queues because of adjoining bus stand. I confidently used my stick and went to a security person. He inquired about me and I told him to get me assistance for my metro travel as I am low vision (Visually Challenged). He called a metro employee who helped me in taking the ticket/token. Then he wanted to hold my hand to lead me but I preferred walking right beside him with my white cane. A few highlights of this short venture:
– I decided to keep the person guiding me engaged in my talks. I talked to him about the general things. I spoke to him about the general traffic of people with disabilities and how they deal with people with different disabilities like deaf, dumb, physically challenged and so on.
– Next on the way, he wanted to take me through the elevator but since I know that I can try managing on escalators, I told him to take me through the staircase. I simply dodged the lift because I didn’t smell the idea of going by lift safe for my first time mobility venture.
– He took me to the train and helped me in making place in the ladies compartment in the metro. Therein there was a woman inspector who assisted me further in getting out of the train at the destination station (New Delhi Metro Station).
I comfortably stepped out of the train and made my way to the place where my father was waiting for me.
Maybe travelling in a metro sounds a cake walk to you, but for me it was a great milestone. It was the first step towards independent mobility with my stick in an alien place packed with rush. I feel my stick makes me feel more confident about my identity, my capabilities and my potential. I loved the idea that the stick guided me about the stairs, the texture of the different floors and so on. I am in love with my stick and I am a proud ‘White Cane’ User.


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